Meet Lily

With the recent buzz around Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, it is clear that discovery applications will continue to play an important role in your content distribution strategy.  Good content with enhanced formatting and engaging imagery is essential to taking advantage of these new discovery mechanisms and driving readers to your brand.  Of course, feeding content to these new platforms must be simple, cost-effective, and considerate of your current content workflow.  With this in mind, BlueToad – one of the most trusted digital solution providers in the U.S. – is excited to announce the launch of its Lily platform.

Available now in HTML 5. Click here to see a live sample.

Lily is a responsive desktop and mobile solution designed to help content creators increase audience engagement. Lily’s strikingly simple and intuitive design allows readers to transcend the traditional digital edition replica by offering a platform that displays enhanced article content in an easy to consume, scrollable format.

Why Lily?

Across the BlueToad platform, we see a strong trend towards content consumption and social sharing using mobile devices. Lily was designed to help address these trends while still allowing the style and design of your digital content to remain true to the printed version. Although others in the industry are developing digital solutions to replace existing versions of your content, BlueToad has created a solution that complements today’s consumption habits while providing a pathway for tomorrow’s content consumer. With Lily, you can feed your engaging, enhanced content directly to discovery engines like the soon-to-be released Apple News.

Getting Started

Lily provides publishers with the ability to create engaging article content through a variety of enhancements such as text formatting, image embedding, and URL hyperlinking. Here is how you get started:

1. Create a new Issue – The process for creating enhanced articles begins with the uploading of content to the Publishers Dashboard.
2. Enhance – Enhancement begins in the Publishers Dashboard with a simple copy and paste of article content. From there, use our easy editing tools and enhancement options to customize each article uniquely.*
3. Publish – Upon completion, review your enhanced articles before activating your issue.

* Content Creators can elect to have our Lily experts enhance articles for them by simply selecting the Lily Enhanced Content Service Level after the upload process is complete. Special instructions may also be included when choosing this service level (Pricing details below).

More About Lily

Q: How will the release of Lily affect me?

A: Lily is a new article layout presented by default to your readers when they click on the content icon in your toolbar. All customers will receive this updated content layout in the BlueToad HTML 5 viewer. There will be no other changes to your content or the reading experience unless you choose. Click here to see a before and after image of the content view without enhanced articles and here to see a before and after image with enhanced articles (additional work required).

Q: On what platforms will Lily work?

A: Lily will be initially released in HTML5 and is optimized to work with all modern desktop and mobile web browsers. (Integration into native iOS App is coming soon.)

Q: What does Lily cost?

A: The Lily interface itself will be included in your digital edition for no additional cost. The new article layout will be provided to all customers at no additional charge. Furthermore, the tools used to create enhanced articles are available in the Publishers Dashboard in the Setup Articles section.

If content creators choose the Lily Enhanced Service Level, an additional $0.75 per page will be applied to the existing Publisher’s Package or Hands-Free page rate.

Q: What level of article customization is available in Lily?

A: Lily offers a variety of article customization options including text formatting, image embedding, URL hyperlinking, content sections, and new monetization opportunities.

Q:  Do I need to provide any additional files or assets to take advantage of Lily?

A:  No.  If you choose the Lily Enhanced Service Level, our team will use your supplied PDF to create your enhanced articles.

Q: What is the expected turnaround time if choosing the Lily Enhanced Service Level?

A: Standard processing times are not expected to change. You can count on our team of experts to continue to provide the same great service BlueToad customers have come to expect and appreciate.

Q: Is it hard to create enhanced articles myself?

A: Although many of the enhancement options can be considered intuitive, click here to see step-by-step instructions and support videos, which are available whenever you need them.

Q: What will my audience see if I choose not to enhance my articles?

A: Publishers do not have to enhance articles to take advantage of the Lily platform. Article content will be displayed using the Lily platform, but without embedded images and other enhancements.

Q: Can Lily be setup as the default view for my readers?

A: Yes, From the Publisher’s Dashboard, Lily can easily be set as the default browser view in phone and/or desktop and tablet. Click here for more details.